The purpose of the AGS Equipment and event Rules list is to play as close to the authentic auld eras as possible.  The typical modern hickory event uses today’s latest rules and is primarily a stroke play event.  Our hope is to interject fun auld elements into your already interesting hickory game.  Seeing what can be experienced with authentic options should be even more rewarding to the player who can appreciate the opportunity.

Interestingly, the Rules of Golf during these periods focus on how the game was played on an every day basis – the Match.  There were stroke play championships like the “Open” that began in 1862.  But the common game remained the Match, and a match between crack players was one of the most interesting exhibitions of all.

The AGS encourages Regional Groups to consider more match style play.  Golf was a game, a game between sides, and playing this style is a reminder.  Certainly, it would be easy for hickory pals to adopt this for daily play.  When you add Reckoning as the means of scoring your match, you may truly feel like you are playing in another era!

There are also a few simple rules for stroke play competition that will make a difference.  The logical example being that the ball was played ‘down’ on the green, no marking the ball, no cleaning the ball.  Doesn’t seem fair? that’s what I’m talking about – welcome to playing true Auld Golf.