The Cut Putt

When in a match where the Stymie is in play, sometimes you are too far away from the ball blocking your line to the hole to use the pitch.  The play could be best made by cutting the ball just as close as you can to the blocking golf ball.  You could try just hitting it […]

Putting Style

Today’s modern hickory golfer has basically adapted the “playing modern golf with wooden shafted clubs” style.  In other words, if you were an onlooker and didn’t know any better, you would see all the same swing techniques the the player would have if he were playing the latest clubs. One of the areas especially true […]

Vaile Stymie Stroke

In the interest of re-introducing the stymie to the game, we have studied more on the details of it.  I stumbled upon this article by P.A. Vaile who actually documented his own way of consistently popping the ball up and over the opponents ball that happened to be in his line to the hole.   […]

The Stymie

The stymie is a part of the auld game that we have seemingly lost track of. It was a big part of the game, existing because the rules did not allow for the player to touch his golf ball after he hit his tee shot until it went into the hole on the green, and […]