On Golf Gloves

  My observations are such that I see many modern hickory golfers wearing modern golf gloves.  My point of view is that this is just another adaptation of being a modern golfer playing with wooden shafted clubs.  I think if one takes the time to read the old books, look at the pictures, and study […]

Auld Caps

This post is particularly important to Auld Golfers. Here are a few 8 panel caps. Two on the ends are large, absolutely early 1900 authentic style 8 panel caps. The one in the middle is just smaller. I have a few of those and wear them on common golf days and around in general on a daily basis. […]

Auld Jackets

In representing the Auld Golf attire as best possible, a lot of players have tried wearing jackets.  I’ve been working on this for years. One way is to search for and find a nice vintage tweed jacket.  These are actually found quite easily on E-bay or Etsy.com.   I usually use the search “vintage men’s […]