The Shot Remembered

  I was thinking about what might have been the most interesting shot in my auld golf career.  Not the best shot, or the trickiest recovery, but one of significance for me. Well, in 2004 I was lucky enough to travel to Scotland and play in the Scottish Hickory Championship.  There were a good dozen […]

Auld Putting Game

In the spirit of the auld game, I recently introduced this boxed set of putting obstacles for the players to warm up to before one of our local events.  The antique set was purchased from an antique store in England as it was found in it’s old wooden storage box.   Auld Mac

Auld Spirits

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again.  There is nothing like putting an auld hickory club back into play after being in a closet or collection for the last 80 + years.  To visualize who made the club, who played the club, who collected the club, and then to swing it again is […]

The Triumvirate

  Interesting fact:  Between 1894 – 1901,  James Braid, JH Taylor, and Harry Vardon all won Open Championships playing gutta percha golf balls.  Between 1903 – 1914, all three of the Great Triumvirate came back to win Open Championships with rubber core golf balls.  They are the only three golfers to do so!  During that […]

Bygone Era

Something special from a bygone era……is being re-discovered by AGS members! This shot of Harry Vardon is one of the best ever!  Observe the intense involvement of the spectators and other players.  This is during the transition era, 1900, where the game was developing in the USA and famous players like Vardon helped boost the […]