A Rut or Not?

One of the goals of AGS is to mentor and educate.  There are many means of acquiring clubs – ebay, GCS trade shows, trunk trades, personal connections and auctions.  There are also many cliche comments or name dis-associations that either knowingly or unknowingly used during the advertisement or sales marketing of the seller.  They may […]

Bending Shafts

Denny asks: “Does heating a shaft to straighten it hurt the shaft or change the playability?  I’ve worked on several clubs like that and was wondering if I was shortening the life any. ” ————– Denny, There are a lot of little things to know about straightening shafts.  First of all, why is it needing […]

Hickory Shafts

The hickory wood used in the hickory era was primarily ‘old growth’ wood. Matter of fact there is documentation that it was focused on using wood primarily from certain sections of a hill (not too high, not too low). Old growth wood grew naturally over time and when you inspect the grain structure is when […]

Grip Options

One of the most common tasks that a hickory golfer is presented with is re-gripping their playable clubs.  Like a lot of things that have gone a little wacky in modern hickory golf, is the material choice and the size / diameter of the finished grip. There are essentially two choices of application, smooth side […]

Gutty Era Irons

With the new golf season coming soon, you might be considering which events you will want to attend.  If you are thinking about a gutty event (potentially one of the most interesting experiences), you should consider your club selections. One of the last conversations I had with Ralph Livingston was of his regret that he […]

Robotic Ball Test

Everyone in hickory golf has their opinion on the ball.  I think mine is clear, but here are some statistics that you can use to think some more.  During the second phase of development, I spent the money to get the real statistics…Golf Labs robotic testing!  I’ve never released this information publicly before, but I want […]

The Ball Completes Me

I stumbled on this article that I wrote 6 years ago.  It amazed me how long it’s been and how long now I have had these inner feelings that playing the right ball completes the experience.  Auld Golf today just has to include the ball…   written in 2009 “It is going on two years […]

Maxwell Niblicks

Being a long time hickory player and a direct convert from modern golf to hickory golf, I desired  a more playable niblick as I merged into the hickory game.  I found that a Maxwell iron of about 48 degrees as found could be bent back to 56 degrees and created 8 degrees of positive bounce, […]

Gutta Golf – Auld Mac

Gutta golf has been a particular passion of mine for a number of years now.  So much was it that I developed a playable gutta ball in 2010.  I’ve written a few articles over time on gutta golf and the ball, so here they are if you are interested: A Gutta Declaration Pre_1900 Modern Gutta […]

Maxwell Irons

  The distinctive Maxwell flange: The distinctive Maxwell hosel holes:   Gibson “Star Maxwell” irons have become a popular commodity on the modern hickory front.  They have been replicated by the companies providing new hickory clubs.  They were one of the most popular performance enhancements of the early 1900’s.  The “Truth” about the clubs is […]