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The Stymie and 'Playing the Like"? Two very important Auld Golf items

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Auld Techniques

Many of the techniques used by the Auld golfers of the past hickory eras are found in the books you can read on the AuldGolfer E-Book site. The AGS Articles will be filled with isolated examples in the Article 'Technique' category.


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  • The Shot Remembered

    I was thinking about what might have been the most interesting shot in my auld golf career.  Not the best shot, or the trickiest recovery, but one of significance for me.
    Well, in 2004 I was lucky enough to travel to […]

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  • On Golf Gloves

    The text associated with this image stated that they were early golf gloves.
    My observations are such that I see many modern hickory golfers wearing modern golf gloves.  My point of view is that this is just another adaptation of being […]

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  • A Rut or Not?

    One of the goals of AGS is to mentor and educate.  There are many means of acquiring clubs – ebay, GCS trade shows, trunk trades, personal connections and auctions.  There are also many cliche comments or name dis-associations that either […]

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  • Auld Putting Game

    In the spirit of the auld game, I recently introduced this boxed set of putting obstacles for the players to warm up to before one of our local events. 
    The antique set was purchased from an antique store in England as it […]

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  • Auld Caps

    This post is particularly important to Auld Golfers.

    Here are a few 8 panel caps.
    Two on the ends are large, absolutely early 1900 authentic style 8 panel caps. The one in the middle is just smaller. I have a few of those and wear […]

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'Auld' doesn't happen naturally to most players, you have to work at it...

Here are a few starter ideas for you to experiment with, browse the Article Posts for details on these and other subjects.

Consider to experiment with an Auld Putting Style. Generally, modern players just use all their modern styles for everything they do in hickory golf. The putting terrain was rougher than today's billiard smooth greens, but trying different Auld Styles can be fun and successful. See the variety of putting styles in the post in the Articles.

Putting Style

Besides having your best 1920's hickory golf clubs (most common) find a way to collect a set of not so complete or 'best' models. By doing this you will have a chance to add variety to your game, and you can work on your shot-making with fewer clubs or earlier model clubs that can give you a new appreciation for the game.

Odd Club Sets

Choose to wear the correct match to the era of golf you are playing. It adds to the overall feel you will have as you walk down the fairway in the way of the past Auld Golfer. Even wearing the right cap can make or break an authentic outfit. Many modern hickory golfers are taking shortcuts. As and Auld Golfer you can lead by example.